Buying honey in Haut-Languedoc

"Le rucher de nos aïeuls" is a little family farm located in Saint Julien (near Olargues - 34), at the foot of "Caroux" and within the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc.

In this environment free of crops and through our working method we want the healthiest possible, we take great care in collaboration with our bees, to offer a "natural honey" with the seasons. You will find the unforgettable and authentic taste of the honey that our grandparents harvested in "hive trunks".

Sometimes it may happen that one or more of our varieties are exhausted. Nous nous en excusons par avance et ferons appel à votre patience jusqu'à la saison prochaine. We apologize in advance and will appeal to your patience until next season. Regarding polyfloral honeys such as "all flowers", "garrigue" or "prairie", they can vary as much in taste as in color of dress according to the flowers. We'll attach ourselves to introduce them each year.

So we don't hold you any longer. Entrez dans notre boutique Enter our shop and don't hesitate to taste our heather and chestnut honey : our speciality ! et n'hésitez pas à goûter nos miels de Bruyère et de Châtaignier qui sont nos spécialités !


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